Legalization for Commercial Documents


-Certificate of Origin / Invoice & Packing List-

The Embassy accepts only documents for products which is shipped to Kuwait. Before applying at the Embassy, please be authorized the document by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (Only original signature of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is acceptable. Rubber signature is not acceptable.)

-Other Documents-

As for other documents, please be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before bringing them to the Embassy. (Rubber signature of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is acceptable.) As for the authentication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please refer

*In case of being not mentioned the name of the company/organization which the document will be submitted to in the State of Kuwait, it is required to submit a letter to the Embassy clarifying the name of the company/organization, which the document will be submitted to.
The letter should be written on the official paper with your company’s letterhead and signed by a person in charge.
The letter is not required the legalization by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


The Embassy accepts correction for documents if it is stamped a correction stamp of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Regarding correction after being legalized by the Embassy, please contact the Consular Section of the Embassy.

Application fee

Invoice         \10,000-
Certificate of Origin   \15,000-
Other Documents    \ 5,000-
※No credit card acceptable.

Application hours

Application: Mon-Thu. 10:00am-2:00pm (Lunch break: 12:00-1:00pm)
Receiving: Mon-Fri. 10:00am-2:00pm (Lunch break: 12:00-1:00pm)
Please check the latest information on the “Notice Board” on the top page as Application/Receiving hours may change.

Pick-up date

Two days after the application

Application by post

Applicants for legalization of commercial documents can send/receive the documents by using “Letter pack plus” or “Letter pack light”. Please enclose the followings;
-Original documents
-Application form (download)
-“Letter pack plus” or “Letter pack light” to return the documents
Please send the application fee by cash mailing service called “Genkin kakitome” from a post office. Please make sure the sender’s name of the Letter pack and “Genkin kakitome” is the same.
You can also send the fee, documents and Letter pack for return together by Genkin Kakitome. Kindly be noticed that the Embassy has no responsibility for the lost or delay of the shipped documents. We also continue to accept applications at the Embassy.

Mailing address:

Consular Section
Embassy of the State of Kuwait
4-13-12 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073
TEL: 03-3455-0361


If you can not come to the Embassy, you can send your proxy or appoint any VISA agent. Power of Attorney is not required for such cases.